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World Wide Sires University (WWU) was established in 2008 as a 24-7 resource for dairy management information. WWS is thankful to the dairy industry personnel, university professors and magazine publishers who have contributed their time and materials to the WWU website. WWU access is limited to World Wide Sires personnel and business partners, WWS distributors and salesmen, and select farmer customers of WWS.


A WWU account provides access to the following features:

  • Library - More than 1,200 articles covering 12 dairy management topics
  • Featured Articles - Recently added or interesting articles
  • Links - More than 140 websites for agricultural organizations and universities
  • WWU Professors - 45 U.S. dairy industry experts and university professors
  • Ask a Professor - Submit questions and receive answers from WWU Professors.
  • You Asked, We Answered - View previously submitted questions and answers.
  • In the Spotlight - Biographies of successful WWS distributors and U.S. dairy farms
  • Sire Summary Information - Updated immediately as information becomes available
  • Bull Stories - Articles, photos and videos about bulls, bull daughters and cow families
  • Create a Catalog - Easily compile a bull page packet and translate into 16 languages.

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