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University Links

ADSA- American Dairy Science Association
Cornell University - PRODAIRY Program
Cornell University- Total Dairy Management
Federation of Animal Science Societies
Iowa State University Extension
Kansas State University Extension
Michigan State University Dairy Extension
North Carolina State University Extension
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, The Ohio State University
Oregon State University Extension
Pennsylvania State University
Purdue University Dairy Page
Rutgers University Cooperative Extension
Texas A&M University Extension
University of Arkansas Extension
University of California-Davis Extension
University of Florida Extension
University of Georgia Extension
University of Illinois Extension
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service
University of Maine Extension
University of Maryland
University of Minnesota Extension
University of Missouri Extension
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Profitability
Virginia Cooperative Extension

Breed Associations
American Angus Association
American Belgian Blue Breeders, Inc.
American Brahman Breeder's Association
American Guernsey Association
American Hereford Association
American Jersey Cattle Association
American Milking Shorthorn Society
American Shorthorn Association
American Simmental Association
American-International Charolais Association
ANAFI (Italian Holstein Association)
Australian Jersey Breeder's Society
Ayrshire Breeders Association
Beefmaster Breeders United
Brown Swiss Breeder's Association
Holstein Association USA
Holstein Canada
Holstein UK
National Cattlemen's Beef Association
North American Limousin Foundation
Red and White Dairy Cattle Association

Calf and Heifer Management
Attica Veterinary Associates
Calf Notes
Dairy Calf and Heifer Association
Heifer Management Strategies (Pfizer Animal Health)
Purdue University- Managing Calves and Heifers
University of Minnesota Extension- Calf and Heifer Management
University of Wisconsin- Calf and Heifer Management

Genetics and Reproduction
Accelerated Genetics
Accelerated Genetics Reproductive Solutions
Dairy Bulls (International Genetic Evaluations)
NAAB (National Association of Animal Breeders)
Purdue University Extension- Genetics
Purdue University Extension- Reproduction
Select Sires
Select Sires Reproductive Solutions
University of Wisconsin Extension- Reproduction
USDA AIPL (Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory)
Viking Genetics
Xenetica Fontao

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
United States Department of Agriculture
US Environmental Protection Agency
USDA Animal and Natural Resources Institute
USDA APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service)
USDA National Animal Disease Center

Herd Health
Dairy Diseases Information (Merial)
Encyclopedia of Dairy Cattle Lameness
Fresh Cow Program Management (Pfizer)
Health and Program Management (Pfizer)
InfoVets - Animal Health Publications
Johne's Information Center
Merck Veterinary Manual
Pennsylvania State University- Department of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences
University of California-Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine
World Organization of Animal Health

Housing and Facilities
Cornell University- Dairy Facility Engineering
Dairy Design
Pennsylvania State University- Dairy Housing Plans
Purdue University- Dairy Facilities

Market Information
Ken Bailey's Dairy Outlook
Pro Farmer
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
Weekly Market Update (US All-Jersey)

Milk Quality and Udder Health
National Mastitis Council
Penn State Department of Veterinary Science- Mastitis, Udder Health & Milk Quality
Purdue University Extension Milk Quality
University of Wisconsin Extension- Milk Quality
University of Wisconsin-Madison Milking Research and Instruction Laboratory

Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development
Bovine Alliance on Management & Nutrition
Crazy Cow
DairyLine Radio
Farm and Risk Management Team
Holstein Central
Holstein Foundation
India Dairy Blog
Milk and Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Center
National Ag Safety Database
University of Alberta Dairy Research and Technology Centre
Western Dairy Management Conference
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
World Dairy Expo

Nutrition, Feeding, and Crop Management
Corn Grower's Guidebook
Feed Management Education Project
Forage Information System
Pennsylvania State University- Dairy Cattle Nutrition
Pennsylvania State University- Nutrient Management
Plant Management Network
Poisonous Plants Informational Database (Cornell University)
University of Wisconsin Extension- Nutrition
University of Wisconsin Extension- Team Forage
US Dairy Forage Research Center

Personnel and Business Management
Agricultural Labor Management (University of California)
Agricultural Labor Management (University of Vermont)
Coaching and Leadership International, Inc.
Dairy Records Management Systems
Dairy Strategies
National Dairy Herd Information Association

Agribusiness Dairyman
Beef Today
Dairy Herd Management
Dairy Today
DairyBusiness Communications
Drovers Magazine
Hoard's Dairyman
Holstein International
Holstein World
Jersey Journal
Progressive Dairyman
Western Dairy News

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