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August 2008- Featured Distributor: WWS South Africa

World Wide Sires South Africa has built an excellent reputation with superior customer service and a diverse line-up of quality dairy genetics and management products. Owned by Wade Pringle Export Holdings, Inc. the business has grown from a small genetics company to a comprehensive animal products and services organization that ranks among the top in the South African market.

Established in 1988 by Peter Pentz, World Wide Sires South Africa was originally known as Groote Post Genetics. At that time, Peter was managing an 800 cow dairy and processing the milk produced on his operation. When he branched out and started this dairy genetics business, the South African regulations controlling imported semen were extremely strict. Dedicated to growing and developing his new venture, Peter was instrumental in breaking through the regulatory barriers and importing the first semen into the country.

After operating with just one salesman during the first two years of business, Peter hired Wade Pringle to the company's sales force in 1990. By 1993, the sales team had grown to include six people, and at that time Wade was promoted to a Sales Manager position. The sales force continued to grow and included eight sales people when Peter sold his cows in 2001 and offered Wade the opportunity to purchase the genetics company. In Wade's own words, "My wife and I borrowed, begged and almost stole money and purchased the company with the existing sales force."

Pringle's organization, Wade Pringle Export Holdings, Inc. purchased the genetics company and has conducted dairy semen sales under the World Wide Sires South Africa moniker since then. At the time of purchase, South African market conditions for importing dairy semen were extremely challenging. This was primarily due to the unfavorable exchange rate (12 to $1). However, over the next five years, the exchange rate improved for South African importers (6 to $1) and the organization almost doubled semen sales and more than doubled revenues. During that same time period, Wade also developed a company to market dairy management products, called Four Lakes Imports. In 2006, Four Lakes merged with another company specializing in animal health product sales. With this merger, Johannes Jansen joined the product company and revenues have quadrupled the two years since.

World Wide Sires South Africa was recognized at the 2008 WWS Distributor's Conference with the Total Market Approach Award. This award is designed to honor a distributor that excels in dairy semen sales, customer service and providing value-added goods and services. With the addition of the products company, this organization now offers their customers a wide variety of dairy management and heat detection products, including Kamars (heat detection aids), Udderpep, A.I. equipment, microbial feed additives, calf care products and premium water (muck) boots. The company has route trucks that deliver liquid nitrogen, dairy semen and other products on timed routes. In addition to value-added products, World Wide Sires South Africa has implemented the World Wide Mating Service (WMS) in areas with heavy cow populations. This program has been very successful, increasing market retention and customer loyalty.

As the company has grown with the addition of new products and services, World Wide Sires South Africa has brought on additional staff members. Their staff currently includes 10 sales people and 7 office and managerial positions. When asked about the team's philosophy on customer services, Wade notes "The customer is king and we will go to most lengths to keep our customers happy." From an owner/manager's perspective, he goes on to add that "The people in the company are gold." Based on that philosophy, the company has invested heavily in their employees, believing that empowering their staff will help elevate the business to the next level.

Human resource management, specifically hiring the right people for the job, is one area that World Wide Sires South Africa identifies as a reason for their business success. The company hires "cow people", individuals with a dairy industry background and cow knowledge, into sales positions which has proven very beneficial. Additionally, Wade credits the commitment and hard work of each staff member for the company's overall success. Two other keys the organization recognizes as factors for high achievement are sound, conservative financial management and developing services and products that add value to the core product.

For new and evolving World Wide Sires distributors, Wade Pringle suggests paying close attention to detail and inventory management. Additionally, he underscores the importance of surrounding yourself with good employees, developing profitable customers, and avoiding clients that do not pay their bills. He stresses, "Don't do business merely for the sake of doing business. What you put into your company is reflected with what you get out."

Looking ahead, World Wide Sires South Africa ownership recognizes that they have operated the same way for many years and aims to think "outside the box" to identify ways they might differentiate their business from their competitors. The company plans to expand their staff, break sales areas into smaller territories and incorporate telesales into their sales strategy.

With the dedication of the World Wide Sires South Africa staff and their commitment to customer service, the company has grown their business substantially and solidified their position as a comprehensive animal products and services organization. Looking ahead, the
future of this World Wide Sires distributor looks very promising.




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